Butts on Parade!

I think professional football is aweful. I’m not much of a spectator, I always prefer to be playing the sport as opposed to watching it, but pro ball is so regulated it just sucks. With that being said, I’m totally tuning into the Super Bowl because it’s men in uniforms. The superbowl, to me, is […]

Detox = Death

I’ve been prescribed Paroxotine for, I don’t even know, a year? Two, maybe? Anyway, I accidentally threw away my prescription when going through the old medicine cabinet, and ended up in the hospital for three days, when my heart decided it wanted to give out, and I legitimately thought I was going to die. Long […]


I absolutely, positively find art to be therapeutic. Not sure why, something about pouring my soul into something is just the most satisfying experience. After the death of my son, I stopped my art. Finished it our with a portrait of him. It took me an entire month just to draw his face. How do […]


“JUST YOUR EVERY DAY CRAZY PERSON, 32, passed away in her home, following an extensive battle with depression. JYEDCP went to school, graduated high school, and got knocked up by some idiot at age 19. She went on to get a shit degree, from a shit college, and ended up slinging pizzas during the day […]

It finally happened.

I know how that sounds. I don’t care. I don’t care that I wanted to scream and yell at a child because they cannot seem to grasp the concept of a cup (wanted to, not did, better not get your panties in a bunch), and I certainly don’t care that I made the poor kid clean up every drop. To me, it was the end of my shitty little existance, he may as well have set fire to my house for how I was feeling. I DON’T CARE.