I absolutely, positively find art to be therapeutic. Not sure why, something about pouring my soul into something is just the most satisfying experience. After the death of my son, I stopped my art. Finished it our with a portrait of him. It took me an entire month just to draw his face. How do draw someone’s soul? That portrait ruined me for quite a while. If it wasn’t a picture of him I would have thrown it away, but I still have every little thing from his nine day life, including his last dirty diaper (Pin).

Anyway, ever since that dreaded bathroom day, I’ve started being creative again. With everything. My make-up, my hair, my clothes, me. I’m crafting again, crochet and bow making. I’ve even gotten back into painting.

Life’s thrown me some lemons in the money department, so my painting supplies have been scarce. Not to worry! Now that I have nothing to do when the kids are at school, I improvise.

I had some old acrylic paints and some Halloween make up, yet I lacked a canvas. Shit. That’s when I realized that I didn’t need a canvas. I’m my own worst critic and throw away my art when I’m done, so why do I need a one-time use canvas? Boom. Enter in body painting.

Not my best work, yet not too bad for 30 minutes! Best part about it was being able to wash it off. Kind of like washing off my negativity. It’s refreshing, and I think I’ve become obsessed with this medium!


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